Dominix pve fit 2018

Dominix pve fit 2018

We're ok with this, however, your experience might not be that great. Click here to view this embedded window properlyor just click anywhere below this dialog to view the iframe. Post Map. Ship: Dominix Class: Battleship.

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Most Valuable Kills - Last 7 Days. Top Ships Dominix 1, Brought to you by Squizz Caphinator. Ship: Dominix. Alltime Recent Weekly. Renezis Kin 4 Holesale Operations. Xavier Laxworm Dominix Goonswarm Federation. Sfieterix 3 Holesale Operations. Sfieterix 2 Holesale Operations. Renex Kin Flycatcher Holesale Operations. Xavier Laxworm 3 Goonswarm Federation. K00wip 9 Dock Workers. Siana Del Arc 10 Dock Workers.

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Alexander Blessed 9 Dock Workers. Ardella Yoman 51 Two-Brothers. Ketzero 9 Dock Workers. Alexander Blessed 10 Dock Workers. Sassy Imbred Drekavac Pandemic Horde. Vendoh 2 The Krab Hut. TheBluey 11 Island Monkeys. Staq 2 Brave Collective.We are proud with the immediate release of EVE Workbench 1. With this release we also think that the project is no longer in BETA phase. If you are missing features please let us know using the feedback button, by joining our Discord-server using this invite or by entering our in-game channel "EVE Workbench".

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Market Market Fits Fleet. All regions All regions. Fits Market Fits Fleet. Fleet Market Fits Fleet. Dominix Volume EVE Workbench Release 1. Whats new? Missing features? Become our patron on Patreon wordmark. Support the site. Get your Omega codes here. All right reserved. Emerging Conduit Spider Tank. Impass Dominix - Max Core Skills.

Impass Dominix - Increased Capacitor. Shield Tank short range brawler.Bumble's Space Log. Murderers of Negotiable Motivations. EvE links. There are things we know that we know.

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There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know" - CCP.

Custom ship skinscharacter creator style "repaint". Bring it! These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Forum Index. The Scope. Gallente Federation. Well i just got my domi a few days ago and im exited abaut it so i decided to try ratting and all that kind of stuff with it im starting softly with angel port sites and everything goes wonders till the gist cherubims appear and eat my armor apart so i have to warp away i have gallente bship in 3 and the following fit.

Adaptative nanomembrane T2 x 2 Drone damage amplifier t2 x 3 LArge armor repairer t 1x 1 explosive armor hardener t2 x 1 As for mid slots microjump drive x1 F9 sensor booster thing t1 omnidirectional traking link x 2 both t2 mn afterburner t2 x 1 And for high slots 4 drone link augmentors. Do i change something i was thinking abaut adding a t2 plate or something. Anyways thanks for the feedback and the help :.

Kerensky Initiatives. Perfection is a dish best served like wasabi. ISD Lyrin Rands. The Devil's Warrior Alliance. Ralph King-Griffin. Fit specifically for the rats you are tanking, fit rigs, for the love of God fit rigs, t1 rigs are soo cheap they may as well be free and you don't actually need the skills for them, they work regardless.

Personally I would use one to plug the explosive hole and the other two for nano pumps but that's just my taste with PvE battleships. OP - I just noticed that your character is only about 5 or so months old.


Don't be discouraged with the relatively low damage output, as this will only increase as your skills do. Also - the Dominix has a gun bonus. Use it! Are we there yet Are we there yet Are we Yeah, your dps will suck till you get those support skills up.

Bumblefck wrote: OP - I just noticed that your character is only about 5 or so months old. Oh they changed it? In it had a hybrid damage bonus IIRC. Oh well, carry on : Perfection is a dish best served like wasabi. Bumblefck wrote: Oh they changed it? Oh well, carry on :.We pick the perfect stars and connect them to make beautiful constellations. Design holds a radical potential to not only create brands and products, but to create phenomenal experiences.

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Your Design Partner. CLIENTS Clients who want to create We love to work with clients who are willing to create phenomenal brands, products and experiences which result in revolution. View testimonials.Monitor this thread via RSS [? Pages: [1] :: one page. Dances WithWolves. Posted - I started 1 day ago and already grinded up to lvl 3's, getting close to lvl 4's. This charr is pure nyx pilot so has all drone skills to lvl 5 but no gunnery skills hence why I am going to use a Dominix.

Been 5 years since I did high sec missions so need a little help. Is it worth getting the navy issue domi and has anyone got a decent fit that wil tank all lvl 4's for amarr navy? Any other suggestions welcome. I may train the gunnery skills later on this char if having T2 Railguns will make the missions go a bit quicker.

Derath Ellecon. If you are gonna go with a sentry drone setup I think you can make it higher DPS with a regular vs Navy though. Mostly due to the lower calibration.

The regular you can fit 2 sentry rigs but only one on the navy. So the Navy Dominix was something that I looked at closely for a long time before finally upgrading from the regular Dominix. The selling point for me what the extra medium slot, which I use for a mn afterburner II and a targeting range mod; it has 25m3 more drone capacity, which allows me to fit a full flight of Garde II's, Warden II's, Ogre II's and Hobgoblin II's or whatever variation of drones you prefer ; and the Navy Dominix has higher base armor hitpoints.

I think the navy Dominix has less calibration points than the regular Dominix. Your skills may be better than mine, so you should play with EFT a bit to see what you could fit. But my advice is that it's worth it. My next big purchase will be a Rattlesnake when I have some adequate shield and missle skills. This setup has worked really well for me thus far. It's a little slow against Angels. Thirasis en Daire. Akuma Tsukai Amarr. Trust me. You can use a target painter in a med slot for the same reason as pulling stuff.

Personaly I would just start off with a normal Domi till you feel like geting around to Gunnery skills. There are bounses to using a Navy Domi with out guns but with guns you can burn though missions alot faster then with out. I like using 6xCaldiar 's or 5xTech 2 's to keep range with drones.

Ether works well but the 6xCaldiar rails do more dps and like you I have max drone skills sub Cap wise so I have 60km drone range with out a drone link augmentor. Here is my set up current set up.Loss is meaningful. Therefore is the loss of meaning likewise meaningful. It is the source of all trolling. These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Forum Index. Dominix PvP Neut Fit.

Abrasive Industries. Nissan Truck. Hey Guys, Just wondering if you guys know any pvp neauting domi fits. Also I was wondering why everyone prefers cap boosters to cap rechargers. Alara IonStorm. Nissan Truck wrote: Also I was wondering why everyone prefers cap boosters to cap rechargers. I see, So how long would a Dominix last with its cargohold full of cap boosters on average during pvp?

Dirt 'n' Glitter. Local Is Primary. Nissan Truck wrote: I see, So how long would a Dominix last with its cargohold full of cap boosters on average during pvp? So If i was planning on being in a prolonged engagement without me warp scramming, It would be viable to go with cap rechargers isntead? So I dont have to worry about running out of cap? Nissan Truck wrote: So If i was planning on being in a prolonged engagement without me warp scramming, It would be viable to go with cap rechargers isntead?

Shiva Furnace. I see, very nice fit. I have a question though, How long do you think a domi fit like that would last? I want to be self sufficient. Perihelion Olenard. Angry Mustellid. Lost Obsession. Why would you want to fly a dominix over an abaddon? Abaddon tanks much harder Is a less obvious primary Can field 8 heavy neuts, mediums range is too restrictive Extra eHP means egress rigs can be used over trimarks Makes better use of talis.

Only thing the dominix has going for it is the ability to field 5 sentry drones anything else wont be dealing any meaningful dps. In fact I'd say the dominix is probably one of the worst of all 12 BS for neuting, only the scorp, raven and maelstrom are worse.

There's too many variables really to give a definitive answer.Refer to your best judgement or the FC instructions on jamming targets. The priority displayed here is meant only as a basic guideline for prioritizing targets on a theoretical level, actual field priority may differ depending on the circumstances. The Dominix is one of the old warhorses dating back to the Gallente-Caldari War. While no longer regarded as the king of the hill, it is by no means obsolete. Its formidable hulk and powerful drone arsenal means that anyone not in the largest and latest battleships will regret ever locking horns with it.

The Dominix aka Domi is the one of two T1 battleship drone carriers, with a bonus to drone damage and hit points. The Dominix's ability to choose damage types by switching drones makes it an attractive level 4 mission runner.

With its 5 mid slots and 7 low slots, the Dominix is normally armor tanked. Compared to the Amarrian Armageddonthe Dominix has bonuses towards drone tracking and optimal - this helps a little with normal drones, but is most useful when using sentry drones. Since Dominixes get a lot of their damage from drones, some high slots are often used for utility modules instead of weapons. One or two drone link augmentors will be required to make the most of the Dominix's maximum range with sentries.

Remote repair Dominixes are also common. The Dominix lacks a bonus towards any particular type of weapon, so which guns if any are fitted are up to the pilot's taste. This flexibility, along with the ability to carry utility drones such as EWAR or repair, and the low price, also make the Dominix a popular pick for PvP.

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For capacitor warfare, however, the Armageddon has better bonuses towards it. The Dominix is sometimes humorously called the "Space Potato" because of its squat and round appearance.

Further information about additional or recommended skills to pilot Dominix for a specific or it's common role s can be written here.

For more info on fittings, please go here. Don't forget when using Sentry Drones that without enough drone control range it is not possible to order the Sentry Drones to fire, even if the enemy ship can be locked. Example: locking rangekm; Sentry Drone optimal rangekm; drone control range: 50km.

Result: Sentry Drones cannot be ordered to fire on enemy ships that are farther than 50km away from your ship. Jump to: navigationsearch. PvP Entries for Dominix. PvE Entries for Dominix. Required Skills. Training Time what's this? Estimated training time only for the listed skills based on zero implants and without neural remaps. Black Ops Dominix Class. High Amount of High Slots. Dominix Navy Issue. Faction Battleships Dominix Class.