Heavy duty ground mats

Heavy duty ground mats

These solutions provide ground protection for any industry and any project.

heavy duty ground mats

Unlike hardwood mats, composites are reusable job after job and significantly lighter in weight, reducing freight costs. Additionally, because of our partnership and inventory, we offer the largest variety of composite mats. With our expertise and extensive inventory spread across the country, we can match you with the access solution you need quickly.

To learn more about all of the heavy-duty mats we have to offer, check out our selection below. These mats are ideal for use as temporary roads on any type of project using heavy equipment. Regardless of terrain or climate, these mats have enhanced traction, a locking system for connecting panels, and are laid together seamlessly allowing for quick installation.

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Durabase composite mats are made with unique features that are unlike other mats. Sold as a matting system, Durbase mats come with an interlocking overlap to connect and secure mats to reduce shifting, side ramps for easy entry, and flexibility to contour to any surface. Lightweight at 1, pounds, these mats transport easily and reduce overall freight costs.

Additional features include grabble holes for lifting, easy to stack and move using a forklift, and each mat comes with an RFID tag for simple traceability.Sign In. Join Free. Inquiry Basket. Get Apps. Post Sourcing Request. Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co. Shandong, China. Business Type:. Main Products:. Number of Employees:. Year of Establishment:. Management System Certification:. Average Lead Time:. Peak season lead time: one month Off season lead time: within 15 workdays.

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heavy duty ground mats

Port: Qingdao, China. Contact Now. Customized Request. Download Product Catalog. You Might Also Like. Basic Info. Model NO. Product Description. These solutions provide ground protection for any industry and any project. Unlike hardwood mats, composite mats are reusable job after job and significantly lighter in weight, reducing freight costs.We Are Open For Business and shipping as normal.

When dealing with heavy equipment, it is vital to protect the ground that vehicles are passing over. By neglecting to use any form of access mats or construction mats you may find that your work site becomes a boggy mess. In the best case scenario, the issue can be resolved with costly landscaping; the worst case scenario is having an expensive piece of equipment become stuck and damaged costing more time and money trying to free it.

Many heavy equipment drivers will be very familiar with traditional wooden heavy duty matting, made from either solid hardwood or chipboard for lighter vehicles. These have some pretty serious downsides that can be costly in the long term.

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We go into more detail on the downsides to timber construction pads and roadways here: Click Here. These access mats will last and can be easily transported from one construction site to the next.

heavy duty ground mats

We are even able to offer demonstrations and site visits to show you just how good our product is. By buying from our TuffTrack range, you can be sure that your mats will never.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our advisors about a site visit and demonstration of just how good our mats are by calling All this means that you can get more mats on a truck, less trucks to transport the mats you need and most importantly reduced delivery cost.

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Ensure that temporary access routes from rural areas are not churned up by trucks in harsher weather. Use our mats to access remote electrical pylons and carry out maintenance or installation with ease. Any of the TuffTrak Series of mats are ideal for use in military applications.

They can be quickly set up to establish a base of operations on almost any surface. The access mats prevent vehicles even those with tracks from sinking into soft ground or causing a mud bath. By using TuffTrak, a base of camp can be established quickly even on a beach or wet area without equipment getting stuck. The TuffTrak XL is the lightest of all our heavy duty access mats. It is a simple single piece construction.

It can be linked if required using rigid steel connectors or flexible strap connectors.

heavy duty ground mats

The TuffTrak XL is ideal for use on ground which is not smooth and has many undulations.Use ground protection mats again and again on the landscape construction site. Our ground and lawn mats are durable with a lifetime warranty.

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These lawn and grass mats will bend but will not break. Heavy duty ground mats are a must when driving heavy equipment over lawns. Fast Shipping Ground Protection Mats. Buyers Guide. Discounts on 12 Mats. Products: Showing of Filter v. Price—Low to High. Price—High to Low. What are the best ground protection mats for a tree service? What Are the Best Outrigger Pads?

What makes ground protection mats great for cemeteries? What Are Ground Protection Mats?

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Ground Protection Mats Advance Mat 7. Showing of 73 Products. These lawn and grass heavy equipment mats are guaranteed to protect turf. They use a durable, high-density, polyethylene plastic material that will not break when bent. This material easily supports ton loads. Ground protection mats for sale are long lasting. Many of these lawn protection mats carry a lifetime warranty.

They are easy to use and maintain.

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They're perfect for temporary roadway mats and walkways. Determine the total weight of the equipment that the mats will need to support. Calculate the time frame needed to use the mats for heavy equipment. Determine the grade of the area where the mats will be installed.

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Consider the types of tires on the equipment. Some landscape mats are only suitable for use with rubber tires. These mats can be used as roadways or slip resistance walkways over sand, dirt, gravel, mud, and many other outdoor surfaces. Some temporary road mats lock together, making a user friendly surface. These mats are designed to hold together under heavy duty loads. We even offer wedge shaped pieces for making corners in these yard mats for trucks.

Read More Benefits of Ground Protection Mats Provide load capacity protection for grass and other sensitive areas during excavation. Access any area with heavy equipment. Even when working across a lawn area that's soft from rain, the mats keep the grass safe.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Continuing to use this website implies that you accept the use of cookies. Its lightweight but heavy duty nature also reduces transport costs, as well as enabling easy installation around the site by two men. Our panels provide temporary access and ground protection in all types of applications. The design of the panels allows them to be used on both level and uneven ground. Because of the optimal load distribution panels can be used in a variety of applications and weights.

The installation of ground mat panels can be carried out easily and quickly by a 2- person-team. On average 2 people will only need one day to assemble 75 panels, however teams with experience can install up to pieces per day.

Simple to customize with company name, telephone number and website minimum order required. Heavy Duty Access Mats. More Views. Add to Basket. Email Share. You Might Also LIke. Company Number: - Vat Number: Website by GloverSure.DuraDeck construction mats provide safe access for vehicles, equipment and personnel. DuraDeck is perfect for a wide range of construction and landscaping applications.

Mats are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces, while providing a firm support base and traction for numerous construction activities. Each mat is manufactured from a solid sheet of molded material, providing greater strength and shear resistance then layered, hollow or laminated matting.

There are no weak spots to break, chip or separate. DuraDeck mats 87 lbs. DuraDeck ground protection mats are manufactured in the United States and are chemical and weather resistant with UV inhibitors that virtually eliminate fading and degradation. Each 4 ft. DuraDeck comes standard with a rugged traction pattern for heavy equipment on one side and a pedestrian-friendly, non-slip tread design on the other side. The rugged traction design includes two parallel treads positioned degrees from adjacent treads to prevent equipment spin-outs in wet or slippery conditions.

DuraDeck construction mats have connection holes at each corner and in the middle of the 8 ft. DuraDeck mats can be connected using 2-way or 4-way DuraLink metal connectors, capable of handling heavy vehicle traffic.

ISOTRACK X series - Heavy Duty Temporary Access and Ground Protection Mats

DuraDeck can also be used without any connectors on most temporary projects. Learn more about installation with DuraLink.

Heavy Equipment Mats

DuraDeck construction mats provide a much better return on investment than traditional plywood. They are more economical, support much more weight, will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate, or absorb water and contaminants. These mats can be reused for many years. See the difference. DuraDeck is much more economical, distributes weight better, is much stronger, will not splinter or crack, will not absorb water or contaminants, and can be reused for many years.

DuraDeck can support loads up to 80 tons over grassy fields, sand, and aggregate surfaces. The amount of weight that DuraDeck can support varies, depending on the subsurface density. For example, on deep-mud surfaces some care should be taken when moving heavier loads 15, lbs and up on a two to three axle vehicle and metal links should always be used.

Sandy surfaces will support heavy weights, but wider pathways should be considered to prevent sand drift. Contact one of our sales professionals with any specific application related questions. Yes, move just about anything over DuraDeck. Drive and turn most common vehicles and loads on DuraDeck, including tractor trailers, forklifts, backhoes, pickup trucks and other heavy equipment. It is important to note that the weight DuraDeck will effectively support can vary, depending on the subsurface: extraordinarily soft soil or mud will limit the weight of the load.

DuraDeck protects the turf by distributing weight and preventing rutting and point loading by wheels and equipment. Soil compaction is one of the leading causes of turf damage and DuraDeck helps prevent this by providing a wide footprint 4 ft. Another leading cause of turf damage is wheels and other dragged or moved objects.We Are Open For Business and shipping as normal. Product Compare 0.

There are many types of ground protection on the market, some which are designed as a temporary installation to allow heavy duty equipment to access sites, others offer a flat, even surface for events. This product is a permeable grass paver that allows grass to grow through, or can be used to hold gravel in situ. It is a permanent product that once installed is generally left in place. Mats come in large flat sheets of various sizes, they are clamped together to form roadways protecting the ground from damaged caused by heavy equipment.

These can be interlocked in a highly flexible track that conforms to the contours of the underlying ground. They are ideal for semi-permanent and temporary installations alike. There are three key types of ground mats on the market currently, these are outlined below each with their key differences outlined. The ultimate US made lawn protection mat.

This is the "Gold Standard" of temporary ground protection mats suitable for all vehicles, heavy equipment or foot traffic. You can buy the 3x8 AlturnaMat here or call use toll free on the number above. US made, the Versamat is targeted at smaller vehicles and pedestrian use. A soon to be US made product, with production moving to the states, the LibertyMat is high traction ground mat, flexible for installation on uneven ground and also reversible. We recently carried out an experiment where six different types of lawn protection mat were laid out on grass for 10 days straight.

The average temperature during this time was 83 degrees. The result was definite and conclusive and shows just how important having the right color of matting can be in keeping your lawn alive. After only two days in position mats 4 and 6 were showing heavy grass damage. By the end of ten day test period, the grass is permanently damaged and dead, it will need re-seeding.

The transparent mat was the clear victor here when it comes to grass preservation. It was in place for the full 10 days and shows little signs of stress. This simple test shows just how important it is to get the right color of mat to protect your lawn. The clear mat is available at no extra cost as part of the Alternamat range. It requires no clips, tools or specialist knowledge to deploy. The panels are easy to clean and can be simply hosed down at the end of use, it is designed for medium to lightweight use.

If you have any questions about any of the above products then please contact us toll-free atour sales team will be happy to assist you in getting the best product for your needs. Outrigger Pads - Crane Pads.

TrakMat - Ground Protection Mat.

Lawn & Ground Protection Mats: Temporary Construction Site Equipment

Permanent Ground Protection. Temporary Ground Protection. Ground Mats Mats come in large flat sheets of various sizes, they are clamped together to form roadways protecting the ground from damaged caused by heavy equipment.